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Ed Atlin's shows: Tutorials, Space Tree, Where's My Shoe, Tea Bros and other flash animations in this article.

Ed Atlin is an Australian YouTube user with a growing fanbase as well as his unusual penis size. He has made a few noteworthy cartoons such as Space Tree , Where's My Shoe and Tea Bros. His popularity soared due to his success making Tutorials , and the rest is history. One of his recent videos is him imitating celebrities, humorously spelling their names wrong and using pictures inaccurately.

Ed Atlin is the creator of Space Tree. He does most of the voices on the show. According to his Newgrounds information, he is either 19 or 27 years old (possible DOB 16 December 1985 as on Space Tree's prison uniform, though The Commander and Allon also have dates on their prison uniforms) and has confirmed in the Space Tree forum that he is from (or at least currently lives in) Victoria, Australia[1]. Additionally, he can be seen using a cellphone in the video "learning Turkish " whose provider is telstra , a noted Australian mobile phone provider.

He founded and ran, which went offline on April 10, 2006, due to bandwidth problems. It eventually came back with a new design...or sorts.

His two other flash series that had a small run are Stabby McGee and Problematic Funk Theory. He also produced a webcomic entitled Where's My Shoe, for which he made one animated episode, plus a variety of one-off animations.

Many people believe that his real voice could be heard in the Commentary Track for Episode 43. Ed Atlin actually stated on the forums that he thought it was funny that everyone believed it was him.

Latest activityEdit

Creating impressions of famous celebrities such as "The Joker" , Jerry Seinfeild and many others. He has earned the respect of many individuals.